Frappe & Cocoa Powder

Texas Specialty Beverage is a leading wholesale distributor for Frappe & Cocoa Powder in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area. Frappé powder can be used to create a base, or neutral, flavor for frappes so that baristas can do their own blend. They are also available in several delicious frappé flavors, eliminating the blending step and allowing for faster service. 

Many coffee specialty shops prefer frappé powder to liquids because powders have a long shelf life, do not require refrigeration, and offer variety. They take minimal storage space — an important detail for many smaller coffee shops.

Like all our products, our frappé powder supply is created by artisans who look for unique flavor combinations. Your customers will taste exactly what they ordered!

Cocoa is a popular hot drink when temperatures drop here in Dallas, particularly winter nights when the 30s aren’t uncommon. Offer your customers this drink as an alternative to coffee and tea — and make it clear that cocoa isn’t just for kids!

Cocoa is a great product to sell to adults. Add a splash of a specialty syrup, or if you have a liquor license, a shot of coffee or cinnamon liqueur or Irish whiskey. Rum and peppermint schnapps are also popular. 

Our powdered cocoa comes from two renowned sources, Hollander and Ghirardelli. 

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