Texas Specialty Beverage is a leading wholesale distributor for Tea, Chai and Cider in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area. Tea and its close cousin chai tea are both very popular drinks in Texas and are served hot and cold. 

You don’t need us to remind you of the health benefits certain teas bring and you almost certainly have customers who look for them. Our wholesale tea inventory comes from Harney and Sons, a family-run company and one of the finest tea blenders and purveyors in the world.

Many chai tea blends provide the same benefits, but most of your customers probably order it purely for enjoyment and a little boost. We’re proud to feature David Rio’s Chai Tea wholesale as well as Oregon Chai.

And when it comes to cider, this refreshing, semi-sweet, and sparkling beverage, our Mountain  Spiced is just perfect for the non-coffee drinkers. It is a big hit among many restaurants and cafes around the world.