No professional barista can create their beverage-making magic without the right tools. Of course, experience and skill are very important in this profession, but to let your talents truly shine, put your coffee shop/café on the map, you will need proper barista tools to help you.

Enjoy your creations, and, more importantly, let your customers enjoy them to the fullest, as you make their day better with the perfect cup of coffee.

Check out the best barista tools that every barista needs:

  1. Knock Box

Let’s start with the absolute essential. Even though it may not be a glamorous start on our list, a knock box is a crucial part of every professional barista kit. After all, what are you planning to do with the growing amount of used coffee grounds in your coffee maker? You need to dispose of them properly. In order to set this waste up for recycling and avoid having to walk around the place to reach the trash bin, you can use the specialized knock box. No contamination, no mess, and no waste of time!

  1. Bar Spoon

Some people love watching baristas as they mix and craft their specialty beverages. And you’re bound to leave quite an impression if you use the versatile red ball bar spoon to make some magic. Of course, aside from the visual appeal, this particular bar spoon is very practical and useful for professional barista craft.

  1. Frothing Steam Pitchers

An ideal cup of coffee is not just about coffee. After all, the richness and aerated consistency of the milk foam can make all the difference between the most delicious cup and one that’s just alright. And no matter how experienced and skilled a barista you are, it’s very difficult to create the perfect milk foam without the adequate frothing steam pitchers. Not only are these pitchers crucial for topping off coffee properly, but they’re also a must for creating amazing latte art.

  1. Foam Frothing Spoon

We can’t talk about perfect milk foam without mentioning the convenience of a foam frothing spoon. When you’re done with foaming steam pitchers and the foam is ready to pour, your steady hand shouldn’t be all you rely on. To control the amount of foam and prevent spilling, utilize the practical foam frothing spoon.

  1. Frothing Thermometer

As a professional barista, you probably know that the ideal milk-steaming temperature is around 149°F (65°C). But are you that confident to think you’ll be able to calculate the right temperature on your own? Don’t risk the milk burning when you can easily use the frothing thermometer. Remember, the mentioned temperature is no random guess. It’s the ideal setting for creating the perfect caramelized milk finish that can elevate the taste of otherwise plain coffee.

  1. Whip Cream Server

Without a good whip cream server, you won’t be able to create the charming latte art textures so many customers love and appreciate. These handheld dispensers are an essential part of your coffee tools if you want to make a name out of your coffee shop. What’s more, the creamer can be used for both hot and cold drinks, leaving you with a bunch of creative possibilities when it comes to the décor of different specialty drinks.

  1. Whip Cream Chargers

A whip cream server/dispenser needs the special cylinders known as chargers that are filled with nitrous oxide in order to create adequate creamy goodness inside of the dispenser. In that respect, no pro barista would ever want to be out of these chargers, especially during the busy time. We at Texas Specialty Beverage can provide you with a box of 24 whip cream chargers.

  1. Whip Cream Server Tip

Just like whip cream chargers, having extra whip cream server tips in your barista equipment arsenal is paramount if your goal is to become known as a professional barista. With continuous use, the removable tip of your whip cream server can snap or perform poorly. Thanks to the available replacement tips, you can easily add a brand new one and keep using your dispenser problem-free.

  1. Whip Cream Server Gasket

True professionalism is all about the details. In that respect, your barista accessories should include the handy little whip cream server gaskets. Just like with the server tip, the regular use of the dispenser could lead to a worn-out seal. If that happens, chances are your whip cream server will start to leak. But there’s no need to get rid of it and buy a new one when all you have to do is replace the gasket. And voila! You’ll have yourself a brand new server!

  1. Dispenser Pumps

Without the right dispenser pumps, you’d be having plenty of mess and issues in your coffee shop. Thanks to the nifty nature of the pumps, you can attach them to different bottles, thus minimizing the waste of the product and dripping. We at Texas Specialty Beverage provide specialized pumps for 1883 brand syrup bottles, Hollander Brand sauce bottles, Mountain Spiced Apple Cider jugs, and 64 oz Tea Zone syrup bottles.

Dispenser Pumps

  1. Soda Syphon Server

For many specialty drink creations, chances are you’ll need to add carbonated water. In order to provide your customers with a quick soda sip, don’t hesitate to top off your barista tool kit with a soda syphon server. That way, you’ll be able to control the carbonation level perfectly.

  1. Soda Chargers

Just like a whip cream server needs whip cream chargers to produce ideal whip cream goodness, your soda server also needs CO2 chargers to effectively carbonate soda water and other sparkling beverages. At Texas Specialty Beverage, you can get a pack of 10 soda chargers.

  1. Display Racks

In order to spruce up the look of your bar surface and make your café/coffee shop neater and more professional-looking, you should seriously consider investing in different display racks. For instance, you can use display racks for your 1883 syrup bottles, Harney & Sons Hot Tea Tins, and Hollander sauce bottles. This allows for quick and easy dispensing of products.

  1. Blender

Every barista needs a top-quality blender in their barista equipment. After all, no great restaurant, coffee shop, or a bar can make do without one. We at Texas Specialty Beverage offer renowned Hamilton Beach bar blenders for your professional use. You can contact us if you’re interested in the detailed specifications of this product.

Treat your customers with heavenly coffee and delicious beverages by combining your skills, creativity, and love of what you do. But don’t forget to add a touch of much-needed magic with the right barista tools and adequate supplies. After all, every profession has its tool kit.

If you’re interested in opening your own coffee shop or a bar, or if you want to make the place you already own the hotspot for coffee-loving customers, don’t hesitate to get the assistance you need from already renowned companies in the field. We at Texas Specialty Beverage can provide you with a range of best barista tools that will make a world of difference for your business. You can also count on us for delivering all-natural ingredients, completely free of artificial sweeteners, color additives, trans fats, or hydrogenated oils. Reach out to us for a full barista supply service in Dallas and the surrounding areas.