All coffee lovers will agree that the delight this warm beverage can bring can magically touch the soul and improve the mood. However, do you ever stop to think that the beauty and wonderful taste of coffee is not gifted to us by the espresso machine but by the skilled barista hands? With the right barista tools, they are the ones who get to prepare the finest beverages for their customers, regardless of what type of coffee they prefer. In that respect, there are certain tools that baristas can’t do without, and if your goal is to have the most popular coffee shop in your area, make sure to equip your baristas with the following essentials.

Here’s a list of the best barista equipment that you should possess:

1. Tamper

It’s not often that you hear praises about a tamper, but this little tool is crucial in the grand scheme of making delicious coffee. Every barista knows that without a top-quality tamper, they won’t be able to adjust the flow of espresso through the filter, and this can affect the end result considerably. Essentially, a top-notch tamper will properly press the coffee so that the water flow is even. That said, the tamper must be flawless and easy to grip so that the ground coffee gets processed and packed evenly for the best coffee taste.

2. Tamping Mats

Aside from having adequate, top-quality tampers for pressing your coffee grounds into a tight pack, you’ll also need a dedicated area for keeping your tampers clean and easily reachable. That said, you can’t go wrong with a tamping map that has a strong grip. That way, it won’t move around, you’ll be able to protect the rest of your workspace from flying coffee grounds and particles, and it will be easy enough to clean the actual mat with a simple rinse.

3. Knock Box

Another crucial part of professional barista equipment is undoubtedly the knock box. You’ll also hear it called a knock bin, knockout tube, or a waste bin. This is a must-have for coffee recycling, as the box is used for the disposal of coffee grounds. That way, the coffee grounds won’t ever get contaminated by other rubbish, and the baristas won’t have to waste time or break their concentration by moving further from their workspace in order to empty the filter basket.

4. Milk Foaming Jugs

Milk foaming jugs can make or break the quality and look of a nice cup of coffee. After all, no matter how skilled a barista you may be, if the milk foaming jugs fail to create the aerated micro-foam post milk steaming, not only will it be impossible to create nice latte art, but the first sips of coffee won’t taste as amazing as they should either.

Milk Foaming Jugs

5. Alternative Milk Jugs

Remember that not every customer will want or be able to enjoy coffee with traditional dairy products. In that respect, it’s crucial that you have separate milk jugs which will hold oat, coconut, soy, and almond milk, too. As a professional barista, your goal should be to provide the customers with the best coffee and service, which obviously involves avoiding causing potential allergies due to contamination. Alternative milk jugs will keep the products fresh and prevent mixing with traditional dairy 100%.

6. Thermometers

You might have the experience and skill necessary to steam milk up to the perfect temperature point on your own, but having a thermometer to help you is still a safer and more efficient practice in this case. After all, why should you risk your milk burning and ruining an otherwise perfectly good cup of coffee when you can just check the thermometer? The right milk temperature is essential for acquiring that tasty caramelized finish that only happens at around 149°F (65°C).

7. Scales

Another unsung hero of top-notch barista gear is a compact scale. Just like you need a thermometer to tell you when to stop steaming milk, the scale will show you the right amount of coffee you need to grind if you want to make sure that your filters are filled equally each and every time. It’s really difficult to achieve accurate measurement by sight only, which is why you should never disregard the importance of scales in your coffee shop. After all, too much or too little coffee can seriously affect the taste of the coffee.

8. Barista Shot Glass

If you want to do everything by the book, you shouldn’t extract the coffee straight into the cup. Instead, use a shot glass for this purpose. Barista shot glasses are specially made with specific markings which will tell you the amount of coffee you’re using for each cup. Again, this is crucial if you don’t want to use too much or too little coffee when making the soul-warming cup for your customers who look forward to it. Not to mention that using the shot glass will diminish the need for guesswork, which can be rather stressful even if you’re a skilled and experienced barista. Make sure that the shot glasses you choose are easy to read and hold.

Barista Shot Glass

9. Microfiber Cloths

In order to keep your tools and work area clean, it’s essential that you have an adequate cloth to wipe things as you go about making your coffee magic. In general, opting for the microfiber cloths is always the best solution as this material is very efficient when it comes to gathering even the smallest coffee particles and other bits that might be staining your workspace. After all, you can’t expect to be a professional if you fail to keep this area clean.

10. Cleaning Brushes

Aside from your workspace, keeping your tools clean and neat is an absolute must. Barista tools have to be hygienic, and another tool can help you with that. Essentially, you’ll need proper cleaning brushes for this particular purpose. As you probably already know, coffee grounds and particles can easily get pretty much everywhere, and this includes the crevices of your espresso machine, too. When you have a brush with adequate bristles for the job, you won’t have to worry about dirty and unsightly machines and tools. Stronger bristles are better for removing the grounds from the crevices, while softer ones are ideal for surface cleaning.

Every profession requires specific tools so that the people in the profession can truly become professional and stand out in their field. The same goes for baristas. Making delicious coffee on a pro-level is hard and dedicated work, especially if you want to put your café on the map. Together with the right tools, a proper choice of barista supplies is also very important to consider. You need to put your trust in renowned companies that can aid you on your way to success as you delight your customers with your coffee-making skills.

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