Honey has been known for its health benefits for centuries, regardless of its sugar content. After all, honey is thought to contain certain nutrients that possess antibacterial and antioxidant properties once consumed. What’s more, some people claim that consuming honey helps regulate their appetite and prevents overeating. 

However, you still have to be careful with consuming honey as it does contain a lot of sugar and has a high-calorie count. In that respect, the best way to enjoy this special ingredient is to take your drinks with honey. In general, these drinks all use honey as a sweetener and there’s no need to use more than 1-2 teaspoons of it to get the health benefits without consuming too much sugar. It can bring out the flavor of warm beverages in particular, especially when paired with turmeric and/or lemon.

That said, it’s important to state that heated honey is by no means toxic; it’s just that its health properties decrease a bit when exposed to heat. You can still get health benefits from heated honey or choose to add it to cold drinks. Either way, it’s perfectly safe.

8 Healthy Drinks with Honey That Help You Enjoy This Special Ingredient

If you’re looking to improve your health through some new habits, preparing honey drink recipes is a great way to start. The following are healthy drinks to make that are a part of traditional and all-natural practices to strengthen the immune system and improve digestion.

1. Honey Water

This is the easiest and simplest way to mix honey into your drink. The only other ingredient you need is warm water. What’s more, you don’t even have to boil it; warm water from the tap is more than enough for this particular beverage. True, mixing honey with warm water may not be the most exciting or the most flavorful beverage, but it’s a rather effortless way to form a habit and get some health benefits.

Some people claim that taking warm honey water in the morning on an empty stomach helps them with digestion, while some even go as far as to claim that this particular practice provides them with a boost of energy.

2. Honey Lemon Water

As simple as the name suggests, this warm beverage is only one step more complex than the previous one. All you really need to do is fill your glass with warm water, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into it, and add 1-2 teaspoons of honey. There have been many claims that this drink in particular is very beneficial for weight loss and detox in general. Of course, this is a rather individual claim and it can’t be treated as a fact but the truth that this warm beverage is healthy for you remains unchanged.

3. Honey Milk

While warm honey water is a perfect way to start your day, warm honey milk is ideal to end it. It’s recommended to drink in the evening before going to bed as it’s a great way to get enough nutrients and promote the soothing feeling of relaxation from the inside. Of course, you can simply mix honey with your warm milk, but it’s also possible to experiment with some other spices to spruce up the flavor. That said, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, and cloves tend to be the perfect addition to this drink.

honey milk

4. Golden Milk

Golden milk is not your typical honey milk in the sense that it incorporates one additional healthy ingredient – turmeric, which gives the beverage its golden color. Of course, you can use plant-based milk for these beverages. Essentially, turmeric and milk are mixed together and then boiled and simmered. Strain the beverage into a cup and sweeten it with honey. That way, the strong taste of turmeric won’t be overwhelming. As mentioned before, you can add other herbs and spices if you so desire.

5. Smoothies with Honey

When it comes to healthy drinks that taste good, you really can’t go wrong with smoothies. What’s more, there are plenty of different ways to go about preparing smoothies as there’s a plethora of fruits, superfoods, and other ingredients that can be used. And adding honey as a sweetener may as well increase the healthy properties of the entire smoothie; it’s far more beneficial and nutritious than using fruit juices and plain sugar.

6. Honey and Tea

Tea drinkers are probably already aware of this, but nothing can beat using honey as a tea sweetener. Of course, those who prefer to take their tea unsweetened might not be interested in adding honey to their tea either, but in case you tend to add sugar, definitely consider replacing it with honey. Not only do flavors perfectly complement each other, but the beverage is considered to be very healthy and soothing, especially during the colder months. Of course, you can choose to add milk or not, it’s up to your own preferences. Regardless of what type of tea you like to drink, you can be 100% certain that honey will match it well.

7. Honey and Coffee

If you’re an avid coffee drinker who prefers sweetened coffee, make it a point to try taking your coffee with honey instead of sugar. Of course, it’s true that not all types of coffee blend well with honey. In general, stronger coffee blends and especially plain black coffee tastes amazing when sweetened with honey. In case you prefer to drink lighter coffee blends and lattes, you might want to try adding mild honey to test out the blend of flavors. And just like with other beverages on this list, adding other ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, and so on could easily help you create the ideal coffee blend with a complexity that perfectly matches your unique taste.

Honey and Coffee

8. Lemonade with Honey

In case you’re interested in a cold beverage that mixes well with honey, you definitely can’t go wrong with the refreshing lemonade. The simple way to prepare lemonade is to squeeze fresh lemon juice in cold water. However, this particular drink can be very sour, which is precisely why people often tend to add a bunch of sugar into it. That said if you absolutely can’t go without a sweetener in your lemonade, using honey instead of sugar is a great way to boost the health benefits of your drink and spruce up the flavor. In this case, you might want to use warm water first so that the honey dissolves properly, but once that’s done you can put your lemonade in a refrigerator to cool it.

These days, people are becoming more and more health-conscious, which is precisely why using honey as a sweetener in drinks is gaining popularity. Aside from the beverages, you can make yourself at home, it’s important to understand that customers today also want to enjoy their healthy drinks at bars, cafes, and restaurants. In that sense, you can’t and shouldn’t compromise. If you’re looking for a wholesale distributor for Monin Honey Sweetener, you can count on us at Texas Specialty Beverage to deliver. That way, you can ensure that all the beverages on your menu can incorporate top-quality honey sweetener that will keep your customers happy. 

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