One would say that frappe is nothing more than an embellished iced coffee with added sugar/sweeteners. Even if you think like that yourself, there’s no denying that frappe can easily turn into the ideal summer beverage. But if you’re also keen on exploring the possibilities of different frappe tastes and aromas, then you’ll be interested to learn more about this pleasurable and refreshing beverage. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into how to make frappes.

Let’s Talk Ingredients

In order to make a basic frappe from scratch, you don’t need too many ingredients. You can easily enjoy a tasty homemade frappe with just milk, sugar, ice, and instant espresso coffee. For two servings, you’ll need to mix ½ cup of previously prepared espresso that has been cooled completely, 1 cup of ice cubes, 2 tbs. of sugar (or the amount you prefer), and ¼ cup of milk. The key is in the blending process. First, you should start blending on low, then boost up the speed gradually, and finish off the last 30 seconds on the high setting. And voila! You have your frappe ready to be poured and served.

Spice It Up

Learning how to make a frappe is not complicated at all, and you can easily add a couple of twists here and there to make it more special, flavorful, and seasonal. That said, you can always get a lot of use from available frappe powders as well as other ingredients that can effectively spice up your basic frappe drink. In the end, it’s all about your own taste and preferences.

That said, you can easily unleash your creativity (and cravings) when making yourself a frappe. After all, this particular beverage is a people pleaser and we shouldn’t deny its grand purpose. Many people thoroughly enjoy adding a scoop or two of their favorite ice cream flavors. You can blend the ice cream with the rest of the ingredients, or add it in the end, to top it off. A great topping is definitely whipped cream as well as all kinds of syrups. For instance, if you want to make your frappe look truly pro-made, swish some syrup around the inside of a chilled glass and then pour the drink.

Spice It Up

Explore Your Own Taste

Things don’t have to end here though. Let’s say you enjoy the woody taste of hazelnuts. You can simply add a handful into the blender or opt for the easier option which is a hazelnut syrup. Together with a couple of drops of vanilla extract, you’ll have yourself a real frappe party.

In case you have a strong passion for chocolate and especially enjoy combining coffee and chocolate together, you can do the same with your frappe. Instead of regular milk, you can use chocolate milk, or, you can take things up a notch, and mix in a 1/3 cup of chocolate chips as well.  

Summer is not the only appropriate season for enjoying a nice cup of cool frappe drink. Once the fall rolls in, you can exercise your frappe-making skills and add a pumpkin-flavored touch to this beverage, too. All you need to do is add ½ tsp. of vanilla extract and ¼ tsp. of ground pumpkin spice to the basic mixture. If you also enjoy the taste of cinnamon, don’t hesitate to use it as a top-off or sprinkle it over whipped cream.

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