Ready to drink beverages, as the name suggests, are drinks that are packed in single-use containers for immediate consumption. Due to the rising consumer demand, ready to drink beverages, also known as just RTD, are taking over the market shelves. Nowadays, all kinds of drinks can be found in this type of packaging, from juices, coffees, and teas, to alcoholic drinks, milk, and yogurt, and even some health beverages, too.

A Shift in RTD Functionality

Interesting packaging has been one of the main selling points for ready to drink beverages. However, the market nowadays is leaning more towards the overall functionality and benefit of the drink itself.

Aside from the already popular ready to drink alcoholic beverages and premixed drinks in cans, it seems that the modern market is getting increasingly more interested in single-use drinks that provide some health and wellness benefits. In that respect, the market is consistently producing ready to drink beverages focusing on ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics.  

Basically, the ready to drink beverages now are not only serving the purpose of quick and easy drink, or a convenient can of alcohol for example, but they’re entering the health-conscious territory. Thanks to this huge addition to the nature of ready to drink beverages and a huge range of possibilities involving healthy drinks, the market is booming. After all, a lot of people these days need a boost of energy throughout their day or some help with bettering their gut health, and these beverages are ideal for a fast-paced lifestyle we all seem to lead.

For instance, energy drinks show the biggest shift in this growing RTD market. While there’s no doubt that traditional energy drink, usually featuring a mix of sugar and caffeine, is still going to be popular, the concept of “energy” is also adopting a healthy perspective, thus creating ready to drink beverages fused with natural ingredients such as pure guarana extracts and B and C vitamins.

A Shift in RTD Functionality

Convenient and Quick RTD to the Rescue

Obviously, a drink that’s quick to purchase and easy to consume on the go makes for a rather convenient addition to a modern and busy lifestyle. And these days, pre-mixed drinks are not only ideal for simply getting a drink on the go, but also fueling the busy lives people tend to lead.

As mentioned, energy drinks and coffee are all available in ready to drink containers that taste great, can be consumed quickly, and provide a burst of energy many consumers are looking for in the first place. For some, getting an RTD in the morning or afternoon has also become a ritual that allows them to increase their productivity and tackle daily tasks better.

But that is not all. Ready to drink beverages are not only catering to people looking for a quick and efficient way to grab a drink, but also those who are too busy to get a proper meal as well. In that respect, healthy mixes that usually combine yogurt, oats, fruits, and similar, are gaining popularity in the RTD market.

What’s more, with the growing consciousness of dairy-free, healthy, and vegan diets, more and more companies that produce ready to drink beverages are doing everything they can to provide extra alternatives to their existing goods, so that they can expand their target audience effectively.

RTD Alcoholic Beverages

Ready to drink alcoholic beverages have also marked a significant rise in market popularity. Of course, all sorts of beers have already been distributed in convenient cans, but these days there’s an abundance of other types of alcoholic drinks in this kind of container. Wines, cocktails, and even spirits can now be easily found as RTD products. This is a very popular alternative, as the smaller sizes also allow for more options. This includes lower alcohol levels as well as other innovations such as lower calorie count and no sugar.

Premium Packaging

Indeed, the packaging is not the highlight of modern RTD production, but it’s still an important part of the whole concept. Namely, all kinds of different beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are getting a new container, usually in the form of a printed can. After all, the growing concern for sustainability as well as the need for a convenient and sleek look, has put the can packaging on the map in this day and age. Cans allow for more creative freedom when it comes to the final design while they’re also easily recyclable.

Premium Packaging

Catering to the Millennials

It won’t come as a surprise that the biggest part of the target audience for ready to drink beverages is the millennials. This particular age group favors unique and innovative packaging design that also provides a quick yet health-conscious drinking ritual. Not to mention that this is an ideal marketing opportunity for companies that want to attract millennial-aged consumers through their interesting brand stories.

After all, using attractive can designs on social media is one of the most effective tactics when it comes to reaching out to the target audience. What’s more, the nature of the product also allows for some rather innovative combination of online marketing with the traditional one. That way, it’s easy to create hype over different ready to drink beverages and even rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

There are plenty of different uses for ready to drink beverages. As mentioned, the biggest focus is on catering to the busy people in their daily lives, but the scope of convenience goes beyond that. Cans, and even smaller bottles and tetra packs are a lot simpler for transport when users are looking to buy drinks for their relaxing trip to the beach, park, BBQ, and so on. In that respect, ready to drink beverages are the ideal companion for those moments when one is seeking for a way to relax and unwind after a long day, or spend a fun evening with friends and family.

Up Your Restaurant Game

These days, customers are more likely to look for RTD beverages even when they visit their favorite bars and restaurants. After all, they might be used to the size and innovative mixes of the products, which are usually not available in the regular packaging or glass servings. Not to mention that some people simply find the smaller can packaging of RTD beverages to be safer for consumption in general. In that respect, it’s crucial to stay on top of things like a bar/restaurant business looking to beat the competition and improve their customer service.

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