• Stroop Club Stroopwafels

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    Stroopwafels from Stroop Club are from Texas’ capital city Austin. These delicious treats are modeled on the Dutch national cookie. Like those Stroopwafels, they’re distinguished by the waffle pattern on each “cookie.” We’ll supply you with packets that contain two Stroopwafels flavored with Dutch chocolate or caramel, including gluten-free and vegan caramel. Stroopwafels are 100% organic certified and just 130 calories each. Choose from 3 delicious flavors: Traditional Caramel or Gluten-Free Caramel.

    Box of 12 two-packs (3.8 oz. each)

  • Protein Pucks are meal replacement bars made from plant proteins, nuts, berries, seeds, coconut, and spices. They are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. They’re also very tasty and come in four blended flavors: peanut butter / almond / cranberry; almond butter / dark chocolate; peanut butter /cocoa / cashew /cinnamon; and sunbutter / coconut / almond. Each case contains 16 pucks. FOOD IS FUEL, MARCH ON!

    16 Pucks per Case

  • Monin honey sweetener has a distinct flavor profile of pure honey. It has a unique formula that allows it to dissolve quickly making it perfect for every beverage you can think of.

    Sold by the Bottle (33.8 oz. PET)

  • EcoStick Sweeteners include stevia, saccharine, sucralose, aspartame, which are also the first to be certified GMO-free. EcoSticks come in the most economically-designed (and attractive) single-use packets we’ve ever seen. The company saves hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper and cardboard each year and 194 fewer truckloads to distribute them. Each Case contains 2,000 ecoSticks (0.5 g each)
  • Modern Oats Oatmeal makes a healthy, filling breakfast or snack. Each cup contains all-natural, vegan-friendly groats (whole grain, hulled oat kernels) minimally processed for easy preparation: just add boiling water. Your customers can enjoy 9 delicious Modern Oats flavors.  Available in cases of 12 cups each.

    12 Individual Servings per Case (Individual Servings: 60-75 g)

  • At our London based microbrewery, we handpick great coffee, roast and flash brew our coffee, then steep for a long period of time to produce a complex and bright flavor. We then serve straight or blended with our oat milk. Each product is made with the finest in season coffee and the origin and varietal of the coffee is provided on each. Our cans are infinitely recyclable.
  • Sold by the case (12 pk)
  • Our Keto Krisp protein bar combines unrivaled taste with premium nutritional components to meet the specific needs of NOT ONLY  the Keto lifestyle, but also anyone looking for a delicious, well-balanced, protein fortified bar. Now you don’t have to punish yourself to do right by yourself! When it comes to Keto Krisp, you don’t have to sacrifice great taste when making healthy decisions.
    • Rain caught before it hits the ground
    • Crisp, refreshing taste with ZERO additives
    • Renewable from cloud to bottle
    • No plastics, no PFAS, no BS