Barista Tools

Texas Specialty Beverage is a leading wholesale distributor for barista tools in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area.

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    Knock Box

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    Made from stainless steel, this knock box is essential for every coffee shop. The specifically reinforced metal knock bar is removable for easy and quick cleaning.
    Overall Dimensions: Length: 6 1/4" Width: 7" Depth: 6"

    Qty. 1 Box Each.

  • Need to add carbonated water to your beverage creations? Just use this handy, 1 Liter Soda Syphon Server to precisely control the amount of carbonation required. Note: A cartridge (sold separately) is required for operation.

    Qty. 1 Server Each.

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    This 3 oz. stainless steel bell creamer offers consistent pouring capabilities. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and has an odor-free construction.

    Qty. 1 Creamer Each.

  • The only problem with Whip Cream Servers is that the gasket sometimes gets worn or can't keep a good seal.  If your server is leaking, don't toss it – just put in a new gasket. Qty. 1 Gasket Each.
  • This dispenser pump is easy to use and specifically designed for Mountain Spiced Apple Cider jugs. Made from durable high-grade plastic with stainless steel spring. Sold Individually.
  • This attractive display rack is specifically made for holding eight Harney & Sons Hot Tea Tins for quick and easy dispensing of product. Sold individually.
  • If you've lost or damaged the removable tip from your whip cream server, just snap on a new one with this replacement tip, just like the one that came with your server. Qty. 1 Tip Each.
  • Frothing foam spoon is great for holding back and scooping foam for hot beverages. Made from stainless steel.
  • This display rack is made for holding three Hollander sauce bottles for quick and easy dispensing of product. Sold individually.
  • Whip cream dispensers are handheld kitchen tools that have tiny chargers inside to create whipped cream to use for decorating specialty drinks. They can be used for hot and cold drinks, but are particularly useful to create textures for latte art. We provide stainless steel .5 liter and 1 liter servers and chargers(24/box).
  • Frothing pitchers are used to steam milk until it forms rich foam. Made from sturdy stainless steel with a mirror-like finish.

    Qty. 1 Pitcher Each

  • Long-stem NSF-listed frothing thermometer made from stainless steel. Easy to read lens. Optimal frothing temperature range: 140 - 160 F (60 - 70 C)